About Us

Collectionaire was created by Stanley Kinsey, a former Disney executive turned entrepreneur looking for a better way to preserve, organize and access his family's most cherished keepsake items ... 8mm and video home movies, albums of family vacations, photos and videos of his kids; legacy collections of ancestors, his daughter's wedding video ... and the list went on and on. 

Stan initially thought that digitizing and uploading his media to a photo cloud site would be enough to build an organized family collection, but this solution wasn't meaningful... digital albums were either nested and hard to find, or a digital album of a parent's Navy career was sitting next to one of a child's best piano recital. He also found he needed multiple cloud sites for different types of media. Stan's idea was to create an index or "table of contents" in the cloud for each person and each family, using a family tree interface to select the person or family a user wished to view. And the product itself would simply be a "hub" to bring everything together, allowing users to use most any cloud sites they liked. Thus, Collectionaire was created with a goal of becoming the ultimate family media organizing and sharing app.

In the process, Stan realized this concept was also ideal for archiving the hundreds of photos, videos, newspaper articles, etc. from an earlier company he founded, and a valuable tool for collectors to organize and add depth to each item in their collection. 

We hope you find Collectionaire to be a rewarding experience and we welcome your input and suggestions for making it even better.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  And keep Collecting!!