The Ultimate Shareable Family Collection
Stan Kinsey

Imagine a curated family collection where family and friends can easily and intuitively find your family's best memories and family history with no searching or prior app instructions.

Whether organizing the best of your immediate family or documenting your multi-generational family history, it's all easy and clear with Collectionaire.  We pick up where Ancestry.com and FamilySearch leave off... the perfect complement.
Here We Go!
On your private family tree...
  • Open a person's collection simply by clicking their tree location
  • Open a family's collection by clicking the link between a couple
Build a Child's Collection
  • Add the best of their youth photos, memories, artwork, sports and recitals
  • Consider adding direct links to photos in their social media accounts
 Create Your Immediate Family's Collection
  • Add your best family memories, vacation trips, holidays, home movies and photos together
  • You can stream cloud-stored home movies to any connected device. Here are suggested cloud sites for home movies.
Build a Legacy Tribute
  • Add a narrative, photos of their life, stories, journals, letters, newspaper articles, audio recordings and more
  • Link them to their Ancestry.com and FamilySearch records
Document Your Multi-Generational
Family History
  • Document multi-generational histories of your family lines
Helpful Features
  • Add any type of media to a collection... anything that can be digitized for future viewing
  • Choose where you want to store your media
  • Search collections using names and keywords
  • Share administration of your collection
  • Assign viewing and editing privileges
How Do I Get Started?
  • View these two videos to give you a good start on your collection
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