Creating a Media Collection Page

The key page of Collectionaire is the Media Collection page.  Each person and each couple has a media collection page.  Before you can build a  page you must first create your family or organizational Tree.  (See the Help category Creating a Tree for this first step.)

You'll then be able to create collections. (Please also see the intro video "Adding a Linked Album to a Collection" in the Help category: Basic Concepts.)

Each Collection is like a Table of Contents to the collected items of that person, family or unit.  Your Collection page will primarily consist of Chapters, Entries and Linked Albums:

Adding a Chapter

Chapters become the headers of sections that wil each include any number of “Entries”.  Examples of Chapters might be "Young Loretta" (below), “Family Home Videos”, “Family Vacations”, "Joe’s Football Successes”, “Sue’s Army Years”, “Andrea’s Piano Performances”, etc.

Click + ADD CHAPTER near the top of the collection page to add your first Chapter..  This is required before you can add an Entry or Linked Album.  In most cases, you'll probably not enter a Description in the Chapter as it's meant to be a heading for all your Entries there, but you can if you'd like.

Adding an Entry

After your Chapter is set, you'll see on the right of the chapter section the words + ADD ENTRY.  An Entry is merely an indexing subcategory of the Chapter.  Examples of Entries for the Chapter "Young Sheila" (above) are "eBook of Sheila" and "Sheila after Age 20".  An Entry does not hold your media but instead will hold one or more Albums that relate to the Entry Title.

You will initially enter just two items for the Entry. First, the Entry Name.  Second, and optionally, the Entry Description.  The Description may be just one or two lines, or detailed information, such as for a home movie (below) to allow viewers know its contents and the location of selected scenes.

Adding Linked Albums

Please now see the next topic in this Help Category, Titled Creating and Linking Albums