Guest Viewing & Editing Permissions

First About Setting Linked Album Permissions

Whenever a Linked Album is added to your collection, it is assigned one of three levels of privacy:

All Viewers - All viewers can see this Linked Album

Friends and Family - Only viewers with Private or Friends & Family permissions can view this Linked Album

Private - Only viewers with Private permissions can view this Linked Album

"Default viewing permissions", to be applied to each new Linked Album you create, are entered in My Account > Personal Information > Set Viewing Permissions.  Once set, this will be the default setting for each newly created Linked Album in your Collections but can be changed on an individual basis for any Linked Album.

Granting Access to your Collection

You may grant viewing and editing permissions to any number of people.  Access can be initiated in one of two ways. First, you can send them an invitation or, second, they may send you a request.  

To initiate an invitation:  In the top banner of each page you'll see the button, GUEST VIEWING.  Clicking this brings two drop-down options:  My Requests to View Other Collections and Requests to View My Collection.

Clicking on the second option brings up a table of viewing and editing permissions that have been granted to people.  Above this table is a link titled, "INVITE FRIENDS".  Here you can enter an email address.

Once sent, if the recipient of the invitation already has a Collectionaire account, your collection will show up in their Collections screen. 

If the recipient does not have a Collectionaire account, they will be prompted to create a free account.  After doing so, your collection will show up in their Collections screen.

Setting Guest Viewing Permissions

For each invitation, you can set two types of viewing permission.  First is Viewing Permissions, which can be matched up with each type of Linked Album privacy.  The codes may at first seem to read in reverse of Linked Album settings, and work as follows:

Private Permissions - Viewer has permission to view ALL Linked Albums in collection

Friends and Family - Viewer can view all Linked Albums except those marked Private

All Viewers -  Viewer can only view Linked Albums assigned All Viewer permissions.

The next setting is for Editing Permissions to your collection.  The options are:

None - No Edit permissions are granted.

Can Add - Can add Entries and Linked Albums to your collection, and can later edit items they've added, but they cannot change or delete items you or others have added.

Full Edit - The guest has full Admin-level editing permissions to your account and can add, edit and delete any item.