Searching for Media

A search icon is located in the top right corner of the Tree screen and each person's/couple's Collection Page.

Upon entering a text string, a list of Linked Albums will be displayed where the text string is found in either the Title or Description of the Linked Album.   Thus, the more "key word" identifiers like names of people, events, locations, etc. that you add to the Titles and Descriptions of your Linked Albums, the more success you will have in using the search function.


  • The search is for the exact string of characters. Do not use quote signs unless these are desired in the search string.
  • The search does not include a search of Entry Titles or Descriptions.... only of their underlying Linked Albums.
  • The search process does not look at any underlying data or meta data in the photo files you are viewing, such a photo file name, date, etc.