I can't connect to Linked Albums

It is possible that your computer browser is set by default to not allow "pop-ups" or "redirects", which is what Collectionaire uses to redirect you to the media on another cloud service.  So check your browser… it may not be allowing popups from Collectionaire.com.

Here's how to check and fix:

On Chrome

  • Look for an icon on the far right of the web address location bar with a little red box over a larger box.  Hovering may say “Pop-ups were blocked on this page”. 
  • To correct, click on this icon
  • Select “Always allow pop-ups and redirects from http://collectionaire.com
  • Click Done

On iPad and iPhone

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and select Safari
  • Under the "General" section, turn "Block Pop-ups" to off

This should do it!