Converting DVD's to digital files for uploading

You may think that movies on DVD surely must already be digital, and they are.  But not in the correct format for viewing and sharing on cloud sites.

The short answer to what's required is that you’ll need to acquire a software program that loads on a Mac or PC computer that has a DVD drive, and the program will guide you through a simple process that converts the DVD to a new type of MP4 or M-PEG movie suitable for uploading.

Here's one payoff of this process... once converted and moved to a cloud site, at least three sites (Google Drive, Vimeo and YouTube) have a feature allowing you to start the movie at a specific minute and second of the movie.  You'll find this an exciting feature for long-form movies over 15 minutes which may have multiple events on the same movie or tape. 

There are dozens conversin software programs, but we've successfully used a product called Xilisoft Video Converter software and it worked great.  You’ll download the software, start the program, play the dvd and the software converts it to the mp4 format and puts it into a folder in your computer.  From that point you can put the file into the cloud for streaming (like Netflix!) and sharing.. 

Please see the other Help & Support topics to learn how to then upload the files to any cloud site and link them to your Collectionare entries.

(We have no arrangement with Xilisoft and will reference other vendors here when we learn they work well.)