Link a Collectionaire collection page to Ancestry.com

Important notes to make this work:

  • For the link to work, one must be logged in to their Collectionaire account on the same browser as Ancestry.com. 
  • The albums viewable on the link will equate to the Collectionaire account owner's permissions for that album.

Here's how to set it up:

  • In Collectionaire, navigate to the person's account via the Family Tree. Click on the URL or web address in the top address bar in your browser.
  • Go to the person's Ancesty.com entry.  Click on Facts (under the photo).  Click on + Add Web Link at the bottom of the middle column.  Add the URL of the Collectionaire entry to the top text box, and add a title, such as: James Wilson's Collectionaire collection of [person of focus], to the lower text box.
  • Now, when one clicks on this link in Ancestry.com, they will be taken to the link of the person in Collectionaire.