Create an Archive Record for Valuables and Family Heirlooms

Most people have items that they want to record and keep track of. Here's a great way.

Under your Family collection page, create a Chapter titled Heirlooms.

Take photos of every item you want to track.  Each item can then be an Entry, or one Entry can hold one or more Albums of photos or videos of your items. Here's one very simple example of an Heirloom Collection stored in Google Drive.  Clicking on a photo and then the circled "i" in the top right corner gives the description. Other photo sites might fit your interests as well or better.

You can be as detailed as you want.  For example, if you have a lot of information on one or more items, give them their own Entry and then create multiple Albums pertaining to that item.

For example, an antique grandfater clock might contain photos of the cock, information onthe company that made it, documents of authenticity and prior ownership, instructions on how to service it, fun stories of when its chimes went off when they shouldn't have, etc.

As another example, if you own a collector car you might add photos of the car, videos of the car in action, certificates of authenication and prior ownership, publicly available information and trivia about that make and year of car, awards at car shows, etc.