Apple Photos / iCloud - Creating an Apple Slideshow/Movie

To Create a Movie (requires at least 8 photos)

Our Quick Start Instructions

An iCloud Slideshow/Movie is a compilation of photos and videos into one continuous movie, complete with music.  It's a great product but has a bit of a learning curve. We'll take you step by step below.

We consider the new Slideshow feature the gem of all photo apps yet created.  In one short session one can create a 30 second or longer slide show complete with panning images, videos and music in a seamless presentation. 

Unlike a Shared Album, a Slideshow is not automatically stored in iCloud but can be exported for storing back into iCloud or another cloud site. Here's how to create and upload.

On an iPhone or iPad

  • Launch Photos app on your iOS device

  • Tap the Albums tab at the bottom of the screen

  • Tap the “+” sign in the top left of screen & select New Album

  • Enter an Album title; select Save

  • Choose the photos you’d like to add to the Album (requires at least 8 photos for movie); select Done

  • Your new album will now show up in My Albums (sorted by most recent at top)

  • Tap on this new Album

  • To the right of the title, click on the > symbol

  • Your slide show/movie is the top photo.  Click the play button to play it.

  • When complete (or tap to stop), you can change the music or even the length if enough photos have been entered.

  • When the show is to your liking, select the Forward icon in the lower left

  • Note - Do Not "Copy iCloud Link" as this link lasts only 30 days!  You can Copy the link and Photos will generate the new Slideshow movie (1080p.mov file) and save or export the link.  (We generally click the [Google] Drive icon to move our movie albums direct to Google Drive where we have indexed our files.)

  • NOTE ABOUT PREVIEW IMAGE:  Collectionaire can not generate a preview image from an iCloud Album or Movie.  See the help topic "Adding Custom Preview Images" for easy directions to do this manually.

On an iMac or Macbook.         Apples Instructions (pretty good)

  • Launch Photos

  • Choose the photos you’d like to add to the Album (requires at least 8 photos for movie; [command] select chooses an individual photo; [shirt] select chooses a grouping);

  • In the banner menu, select File > Create > Slideshow > Photos

  • Enter a Slidewhow Name; Save by selecting OK

  • Apple will have automatically added a music them to the video. Click Preview button to view.

  • To change music and theme, select Theme (we suggest Ken Burns), Music and Duration via optons to the right of the slide show.

  • Click Export (top right of screen) and Save.  It will now generate your movie file.

  • Your new album can now be found in Finder in the "Movies" folder to be uploaded to a cloud site for sharing on Collectionaire.

Note About Uploading and Getting a Share Link from iCloud

  • Unfortunately, Apple does not make it easy to get a share link for an album or video located in iCloud.  Here is a link from Geekstraw.com with instructions if you wish to try it. https://geekstraw.com/share-link-to-file-on-icloud-drive/

  • Our alternative suggestion is to upload your Apple movies to Dropbox, Google Drive or other easy-to-use cloud site for getting your share link.  We know this runs counter-intuitive to using iCloud, but that's just how it is in working with Apple.

Note About Preview Image 

Unfortunately, Apple Slideshow also does not provide a cover photo from which Collectionaire can generate a preview image.  But here's how to get one quickly (For other ways, please see Help title: How do I add a Custom Preview photo?

On a Mac

  • In the  New Linked Album page, click REPLACE ALBUM PHOTO under the Album Link

  • Select Photo Library, your Shared Album, the preferred photo, and Save

On a Windows PC

  • Open your iCloud Shared Album

  • Select the photo you wish as your preview image; click Download.  The image is now in your computer's Download folder

  • Click Replace Album Photo under the Album Link.

  • Select the photo from the Download folder.