Flickr - Creating and Sharing Albums

(Please also see the intro video "Adding a Linked Album to a Collection" in the Help category: Basic Concepts.  The video uses Google Photos but the general concept is similar.  Specific steps for Flickr are found below.)

To Create an Album

  • Upload photos from your computer to Flickr.  Do this by clicking the “upload to cloud” icon near your profile in the top right of the screen.  You can then drag photos from your computer into the work space.  These photos are placed in what they call your “Camera Roll”.

  • In the Flickr 2nd banner click on Albums and then click on New Album.

  • Your Camera roll photos will show in a single strip at the bottom of the screen.  Drag those photos you want for your album into the workspace above.

  • Add a Title to your Album

  • Drag the photo you want to be your header image (which will also be the automatically generated image for your Collectionaire entry) to the photo box above the Title.

  • Click Save

To Get Album Link

  • Click on the Flickr logo in the top left of the screen to go to the home page

  • Hover over You (just to the right of the logo) and select Albums

  • Hover on the Album you wish to get a share link and click the forward arrow and copy the link from the popup.  This will be the link for pasting into Collectionaire.