What happens to my data when my subscription has expired?

First Off - You Won't Lose Your Photos and Videos

Remember that since your photos, videos and other media are not stored in Collectionaire, you will not lose these items if you unsubscribe.  And to know where they're all located, we suggest that you create a digital spreadsheet of all data in your collection by going to My Account > Permissions and Preferences > Summary Report. This will create an Excel-type spreadsheet of all data you have entered into Collectionaire, including locations of your media files.  You can also print a copy of any person or family's collection by clicking DOWNLOAD PDF at the bottom of each collection page.

Stored for 180 Days

Your data is privately stored for 180 days after you unsubscribe or terminate your account.  Should you decide  to re-subscribe, you will see a “Re-activate Subscription” option under 'My Account" which will allow you to re-activate your old plan. If your account was on a paid tier, you must pay the monthly subscription fees for the months you were inactive, or purchase a one-year subscription at that tier price.  This will subscribe you to the same plan you were using earlier.