Which cloud sites are best for movies and videos?

Home Movie / Home Video Storage Sites (over 20 minute videos)

We are very high on three cloud sites: Google Drive, Vimeo and YouTube, for one primary reason...  This is because, on these sites, one can have a video start at any specific point in the video. This is a fantastic feature if you have long-form movies or videos with multiple scenes as you can create a link that skips over earlier parts of a video and starts at the scene you wish to show.

So, for example,  if you have a child's piano recital at minute 32, second 14 you can have the movie start playing at that point.  This is highly usefull as you start indexing great moments in Collectionaire.

Here's how you do it.

  • Copy the share link of the video from the cloud site where it is stored.
  • Add a suffix to the link, which consists of this string: #t=[x]m[y]s, where [x] is the minute and [s] is the second where the video should start.
  • In simpler terms, if you wanted to start the video at 10 min at 25 seconds into the movie, you'd add the suffix "#t=10m25s
  • Here's how it would look:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzPD86qtGF6cUVoycGNMYnRXTW8/view#t=11m24s
  • In this case, the video will start at this point.  Again, to our current knowledge, this can only be done on Google Drive, Vimeo and YouTube.

General Cloud Storage Cost Info:

Dropbox - 2GB free. 1TB for $10 a month (Great for long-form home movies but likely not made for best photo viewing.)

Google Drive - 15GB free. 100GB for $1.99. 200GB for $2.99. 2TB for $9.99.  (Great for long-form home movies IF you're using Chrome or Firefox browers. Not good for Collectionaire use if you're using a Safari browser. Also not best photo viewing.)

Microsoft OneDrive -  5GB free. 50GB for $3. 1TB for $8. 5TB for $11.

Box - 10GB free. 100GB for around $10 a month.

Amazon CloudDrive (TBD)

iCloud - 5GB free.  50GB: $0.99. 200GB: $2.99. 2TB: $9.99.

One has several options here. Please see the Help & Support topics in this Category for options.